ERAS® Society and Encare

The web based system ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS) and the training program ERAS® Implementation Program (EIP) that are developed, maintained, marketed and managed by Encare are based on the ERAS® Society mission to "develop perioperative care and to improve recovery through research, education, audit and implementation of evidence-based practice".

About ERAS® Society and enhanced recovery after surgery

ERAS® Society is a non-profit academic society registered 2010 in Sweden. Their mission started already in Founders of ERAS Society2001 when Professor Ken Fearon and Professor Olle Ljugqvist met in London and decided to start a collaborative group for peri-operative care, with its roots in what then was called the ERAS® Study Group. The object of the group was to futher develop ideas introduced in the 1990's by Professor Henrik Kehlet, University of Copenhagen, regarding the concept of multimodal surgical care. 

Through its history, ERAS® Society has developed and published numerous evidence-based protocols and implementation programs world wide in order to enhance recovery after surgery. Their international ERAS® World Society Congresses attracts hundreds of delegates from all over the world, the latest been held in Lyon, France in May 2017. 

Partners of ERAS® Society

ERAS® Society works with several partners to fulfill its mission world wide, where one is Encare in Sweden. Other partners are Qulturum in Sweden, Swedish Surgical Society and Alberta Health Service in Canada. 

Centers of Excellence

After completion of an ERAS implementation program and qualifying as a teaching centre and/or having made considerable contributions to the development of ERAS, an organisation can be appointed Center of Excellence. To find out where your nearest Centre of Excellence is located, klick on the map at ERAS Society website.

More information

For more information - please visit ERAS® Society website