ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS)

The ERAS Interactive Audit System EIAS, is an on-line, web based interactive software tool to facilitate implementation and monitor compliance to the ERAS® protocols  that are derived from the current evidence-base for decision support and continuous quality control in a healthcare provider setting.

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Furthermore, this allows the team to take advantage of the benefits of the ERAS® Protocol in terms of reduction in patient recovery time, rate of complications, and improvement of the quality of care. By continuous follow up, analysis, adjustments and improvements, the perioperative team and its management will not only ensure improved quality of care for the patient, but also improved motivation of the staff involved through their increased understanding and developed engagement in the preoperative care process.

EIAS becomes a crucial support in the daily decision making process and an important quality assurance tool. Watch our video or see Picture A-C below to see how it works.


Video - How does EIAS work


Picture A - Enter patient data

ERAS Interactive Audit System EIAS for healthcare professionals. 


Picture B - Analyze and share data



Picture C - Adjust and improve based on known facts. No more guess work. 

Interactive audit system for ERAS protocols




Please contact us for details on how to get on board with ERAS®.