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Watch this video on Activating ERAS® – How to do it? Watch the video.

LEGO Surgery – Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS® is Awesome) - How to applying the ERAS® concept can help you and your patients in the healthcare setting. Learn more via this video.

Value-based care - implementation of ERAS® programs results in major improvements in clinical outcomes and cost. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery – A Review. (JAMA Surg. doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2016.4952). Read more.

“Net cost savings attributable to guideline implementation ranged between $2806-$5898 per patient” “in 700 patients savings of $2-4.5M” Implementation of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Across a Provincial Healthcare System: the ERAS Alberta Colorectal Surgery Experience (WJS2016-Nelson et al – Canada). Read more.

“13 centres in 6 countries; increasing compliance with an ERAS® program improve outcome.” The Impact of Enhanced Recovery Protocol Compliance on Elective Colorectal Cancer Resection: Results From an International Registry (AnnSurg2015-ERAS Compliance Group). Read more.

“Compliance up -> reduced length of stay; Saving of about €1650/patient per first 50 patients; Training and full time nurse included” Cost-effectiveness of the implementation of an enhanced recovery protocol for colorectal surgery (BJS2013-Roulin et al – Switzerland). Read more

“Shows shorter length of stay as well as reduction in complication rate by 30%.” Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Programs Versus Traditional Care for Colorectal Surgery: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials (DCR2013-Zhuang et al – Meta-analysis). Read more

“Reduction in LOS, Re-admissions and Complication Rates” Adherence to the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol and Outcomes After Colorectal Cancer Surgery (ArchSurg2011-Gustafsson et al – Sweden). Read more.

ERAS® Society Guidelines – please read more here on ERAS Society website.

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ERAS publications and resources for healthcare professionals.