Enhanced recovery

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a treatment program based on the best available medical science resulting in improved quality of care for the patient. Numerous research reports have shown that employing ERAS as opposed to traditional care has marked effects on recovery. In many events, recovery time can be shortened by 30% or more and complication rates after the surgery by at least as much.

Encare provides a software tool, EIAS (ERAS Interactive Audit System) and the training program EIP (ERAS Implementation Program) that are developed based on the published guidelines for best practice from the ERAS Society. There are currently protocols available for colorectal, gynecology, urology (cystectomy), pancreatic  and liver surgeries.  

Locations world wide

Healthcare professionals all over the world are trained through the ERAS Implementation Programs, qualifying as teaching centers and/or Centers of Excellence and the number of EIAS users is continuously increasing. 

Provider of ERAS near you?

Ask your healthcare provider about ERAS or find out where our nearest ERAS Qualified hospital is located by searching on the global map for ERAS locations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the availability in your region or country.