About us


Encare was established in 2009 to implement the ERAS®Protocols on a global basis by

  • providing training to healthcare professionals on the ERAS® Protocols
  • providing an interactive and web-based information system for evidence based - best practice management

The company has developed an interactive, user-friendly interface for the collection, documentation and follow-up on critical performance and quality parameters as outlined by leading clinical experts in respective protocols, based on best practice and evidence.

The data collected in the web-based solution is interactive and offers immediate feedback of performance, which will generate significant and sustainable improvement of efficiency and quality of care as well as generate substantial health care savings.

Encare has the rights to commercialize surgical protocols developed by the ERAS® Society. The company has so far rolled out the audit system to hospitals in many countries throughout the world. 

The ERAS® Society has published a wide range of publications regarding protocols and guidelines for enhanced recovery after surgery.